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Our Mission

is to deliver independent and high quality public company risk management data analytics solutions to protect Directors & Officers by enhancing transparency in the securities class action arena  

SAR is a pioneer and industry leader in public company risk management data analytics solutions for leading multinational insurance companies. Our goal is to harmonize data analytics across the Federal Judiciary, Academia, and Insurance to deliver a competitive edge in a highly competitive marketplace. Our solutions rely on highly specialized data science that apply court-approved methodologies to quantify the securities litigation risks of U.S. and non-U.S. issuers that trade on the NYSE and NASDAQ.


The SAR Platform brings robust event study analytics to the forefront of the Directors & Officers (D&O) insurance industry through responsible technological innovation anchored by human accountability through a cloud-native environment for stable, reliable, and efficient workflow integration.  

With the SAR Risk Tool and related ACE Database, our data analytics and bespoke risk management software solutions deliver comprehensive insight backed by data science to assess and manage high severity securities litigation risks facing publicly traded corporations in American Stock Exchanges.


With proven expertise, decades of independent empirical research and analysis, and tried and true technologies, SAR delivers high quality data and specialized securities litigation risk data analytics solutions for insurers and corporate executives.

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