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Specialized Securities Litigation
Data Licensing Solutions

Independent Data to Effectively Enhance Risk Transparency
Data Agnostic to Maximize Your Value Proposition
Reliable Data to Support Your Mission

ACE Database

Adverse Corporate Events

The ACE Database is a comprehensive, company and time-specific cloud-based database that stores and categorizes Adverse Corporate Events of all U.S.-listed companies that trade on the NYSE or NASDAQ.  SAR independently identifies Adverse Corporate Events of U.S. issuers that may trigger securities-fraud litigation by applying the court-approved event study methodology.   

What is our exposure to securities litigation?  Are we covered?

SCA Database

Securities Class Actions 

The SCA Database is a comprehensive, claim-specific database that presents all alleged corrective disclosures in filed securities class action complaints.  The database includes stock price reaction data based on event study analysis, estimated settlement valuation throughout the securities class action action lifecycle, to enhance loss severity analytics of leading multi-national insurers.   


What is the potential settlement value of this SCA?
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