SCADA Platform

Claim-Specific Valuation of Securities Class Actions Throughout the Litigation Lifecycle


Identify securities claims-at-risk based on price impact sufficiency to track potential settlement value more accurately 

SAR delivers independent estimates of securities class action exposure by relying on court-approved econometric methodologies.  Our Claims Tool is designed on a human-scaled data analytics platform to value filed Exchange Act and Securities Act claims according to operative class action pleadings and Federal Court orders.  Our Claims Tool is critical to identify claims-at-risk and execute data-driven SCA loss mitigation strategies.  Our SCA Claims Database, composed of claim and disclosure-specific information, is used and relied upon to support D&O insurance carriers and their designated defense and coverage counsel with independent data driven advantages in complex settlement negotiations.  

"In assessing price impact at class certification, courts "'should be open to all probative evidence on that question - qualitative as well as quantitative - aided by a good dose of common sense,'"" Supreme Court of the United Sates in Goldman Sachs.

According to the Supreme Court, SCAs that do not allege qualified stock drops that surpass price impact thresholds may not warrant class action treatment to provide financial recovery for investors.  SAR identifies deficient securities claims based on alleged stock drops without price impact sufficiency when allegedly material and corrective fraud-related information was disclosed to investors. 


We proactively quantify and publish quarterly global exposure of publicly traded companies and their D&Os to securities class actions that allege violations of the federal securities laws under Section 10(b) and 20(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and SEC Rule 10b-5 promulgated thereunder. 

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