SCADA Platform

Independent and Claim-Specific Event Study Analyses Throughout the Securities Class Action Lifecycle


Identify claim deficiencies and audit price impact sufficiency to track potential settlement value more accurately 

SAR delivers independent estimates of potential securities class action exposure by relying on the court-approved event study methodology.  SAR provides results of event study analyses on all filed Exchange Act and Securities Act claims to identify econometric deficiencies, such as alleged stock drops that do not exhibit price impact or the use of unwarranted multi-day windows that may inflate alleged aggregate damages.  

"In assessing price impact at class certification, courts "'should be open to all probative evidence on that question - qualitative as well as quantitative - aided by a good dose of common sense,'"" Supreme Court of the United Sates in Goldman Sachs.

Securities class actions that do not allege any stock drops that surpass established statistical thresholds at the 95% confidence standard may not warrant class certification according to the Supreme Court of the United States.  SAR presents aggregate damages of zero on securities class actions that allege stock price declines that do not exhibit a statistically significant single day residual return when allegedly material and corrective fraud-related information was disclosed to investors that trade in American stock exchanges.  

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