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"First-Quarter Securities Class Actions Respond to Outbreak" Law360

By Nessim Mezrahi

Law360 (April 10, 2020, 4:27 PM EDT) -- Transparency is paramount in the securities class action arena. Directors and officers, as well as institutional investors, rely on the rule of law and the duty of candor of their lawyers to seek and attain justice through the judiciary process. Amid the current pandemic-driven economic correction, U.S. publicly traded corporations — and their insurers — are in pole position to showcase the resiliency of the American economy.[1] On March 26, Thomson Reuters reported that “there are plaintiffs’ lawyers who will try to take advantage of the [COVID-19] crisis, just as there are defense lawyers and companies who will do the same.”[2] Opportunistic frivolity by lawyers on both sides of the aisle will lead to business and judicial inefficiencies that may hinder a sound economic recovery. As Joseph Conrad wrote in the 1902 novel "The Heart of Darkness": “What saves us is efficiency — the devotion to efficiency.”[3] 

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