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The SAR Platform

Robust Event Study Analytics to Optimize D&O Insurance
Court-Accepted Analysis to Strengthen Decision-making Confidence
Proven Quantitative Methodologies to Deliver Data-Driven Results 
D&O and Securities Class Action Claims
SCA Platform_edited.png

  • SCA Settlement Loss Data

  • Stock price reaction data on all alleged corrective disclosures on filed SCAs

  • SCA settlement valuation at each stage during the class action lifecycle

U.S. Public Company D&O Brokers
  • Company and event-specific D&O coverage sufficiency estimation

  • SCA risk and potential settlement loss quantification

  • Adverse Corporate Event detection and tracking

  • Prospective market capitalization impact estimates and potential settlement loss analytics based on company-specific stock price performance

U.S. Public Company D&O Underwriting
  • Data & Analytics to detect optimum attachment point

  • Adverse Corporate Event detection and tracking

  • Public Co. Securities Litigation Risk Assessment and Scoring

  • Public Co. D&O portfolio SCA loss severity aggregation

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