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Public Co. D&O Data Analytics

The SAR Platform
Robust D&O Data Analytics Platform Based on the Court-Approved
Event Study Methodology
D&O and Securities Class Action Claims

  • SCA Settlement Loss Data      (D&O Layer Impact Analytics)

  • Indirect Stock Price Impact Data

  • SCA Loss Reserve Analytics (SOX Compliant)

  • SCA Portfolio (Aggregate) Loss Severity Data & Analytics

U.S. Public Company D&O Underwriting
  • U.S.-Listed D&O Program Attachment Point Data & Analytics


  • U.S.-Listed  Adverse Corporate Event Identification 

  • U.S.-Listed Securities Class Action Risk Scoring

  • U.S.-Listed D&O Portfolio SCA Loss Severity Data & Analytics

U.S. Public Company D&O Brokers
  • Company-Specific SCA Risk Assessment & Scoring

  • SCA Risk and Potential Settlement Loss Estimation 

  • U.S. and Non-U.S. Issuer Adverse Corporate Event Identification & Tracking 

  • U.S. and Non-U.S. Issuer Prospective Settlement Loss Analysis

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