The D&O Tool provides public company underwriters, corporate governance counsel, and brokers that place executive liability insurance policies with on-demand, near real-time event study analysis to attain SCA Risk Exposure and Severity to make data-driven D&O pricing and policy limit determinations.


The D&O Tool provides senior level public company D&O underwriters, brokers, and corporate governance counsel with the quantification of the SCA exposure of any company listed on a U.S. exchange on a near real-time basis.  The tool delivers on-demand and near real-time company-specific event study analysis to accurately identify adverse events that may substantiate an alleged claim of securities fraud.

Achieve superior underwriting performance by attaining company-specific data of your insureds exposure from potential adverse events that may trigger an event-driven securities class action. 

Get access to on-demand and substantive SCA risk analysis based on potential adverse company-specific events that may substantiate a potential claim that alleges violations of Section 10(b) and 20(a) of the Exchange Act under Rule 10(b)-5.  D&O underwriting professionals equipped with independent and on-going assessments of a U.S.-listed company's exposure to a potential securities class action can respond faster to adverse events that have materialized during the preceding two years.  More accurate information delivered faster will result in greater underwriting performance to improve D&O loss mitigation in an environment of increasing SCA frequency.  Avoid mispricing a public company D&O policy without having near real-time data and analysis of SCA exposure and potential loss. 

Attain an independent analysis of a public company's SCA risk to support pricing changes and to determine more accurate D&O policy limits using data-driven and near real-time information.

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