Empower Financial Lines underwriters with the Underwriting Tool to identify adverse corporate events that expose Public Companies to Securities Class Action Risk and make effective data-driven and risk-based D&O policy coverage and pricing determinations.


The Underwriting Tool provides senior level public company underwriters with the periodic quantification of securities class action risk based on adverse corporate events that expose U.S and Non-U.S. Issuers to Rule 10b-5 claims. 

The Underwriting Tool enhances public company underwriting with substantive company-specific analysis to accurately identify adverse corporate events that expose U.S.-listed corporations to securities class action risk.  Adverse corporate events that have materialized during the applicable statute of limitations may trigger indemnifiable securities claims for alleged violations of Rule 10b-5 of the Exchange Act.  The Underwriting Tool delivers loss mitigation underwriting analytics based on the court-accepted event study methodology.  

Enhance your public company underwriting performance with company-specific quantification of securities class action risk from adverse corporate events that may trigger alleged violations of Rule 10b-5 of the Exchange Act. 

Financial Lines public company underwriters equipped with the Underwriting Tool can attain on-going, independent assessments of securities class action exposure from adverse corporate events.  More accurate information that exposes Directors and Officers to potential Rule 10b-5 liability will result in superior underwriting performance to improve risk-based pricing and loss mitigation in an environment of sustained SCA frequency. 

a)  Rank your insureds according to the SCA Exposure Rate Score

b)  Evaluate the need and amount of Side A difference-in-conditions (Side A DIC) excess coverage or Side C (entity),

c)  Substantiate risk-based pricing and coverage sufficiency based on the court-approved event study analysis,

d)  Implement loss mitigation underwriting protocols for public company portfolios based on empirical evidence,

e)  Track your insureds adverse events to update company risk profiles and streamline the claims renewal process.

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